nice crazy 6 month old guy Joni (and his bored to death mother) is looking for english-speaking friends in Dresden :)

  • Hello!
    I'm from Russia and my husband is from Israel.
    He is studying and working in Dresden, so here we are :)
    but my german is sooooo bad... so would be nice to have someone to talk to in English :)
    trying to learn german, but not so easy if you have 6 month old very (very!! :) ) active boy :)))
    I'm here since last November and totally bored.

  • my english is a bit - how to say - out of praxis. But just for talking I think it should be enough. After the last visit of my sister in law (born in GB and raised in italy) I realized that my english is finally not as bad as feared.

    Which language do you talk with your husband? And Joni? Do you talk to him russian, german, hebrew or english?

  • Hello Lizz,

    welcome in Dresden and also in our forum. I'm pretty sure you will find a lot new friends and be able to improve your german quite fast.
    I can imagine how hard it is to live in a foreign country, not speaking the language very well and have a little one who keeps you busy all day long. If you want to we can do a little german-english-maybe russian-tandem - I tried to learn Russian a long time ago and I think there is nothing left in my brain ;-) There are a lot of activities where you can join the other Mamas :D So we can save you from bored to death everyday routine!

  • Welcome here again Lizz 8) My english is a little bit "eingerostet", means not so good anymore. *duckundweg* *rofl* I have worked more then 7 years at the Frankfurt Airport and speaked english the whole day and very good, but now... it´s gone. But so what, if you meet us a lot of times, you will be perfect in your german and i will refresh my english ;-) By the way, your little son is such a cute boy. I love this picture of you.

  • Hi @Lizz:,

    I am an American married to a German living here in Dresden. English is my mother tongue and I speak German, but it is far from perfect. I tell everyone that my German grammar is shit. haha.

    If you're interested in meeting up sometime, write me a message!

    Veronica & William (11 months old)

  • Hi folks!
    This is a pretty old thread so I'm wondering if there are still some bored mommies out there who long for some multilingual exchange???? I've lived and worked a lot abroad so I got English, French, Spanish,Dutch plus a little Italian and Swedish on offer.
    I so need to get out of the house and chat face to face, so all bilingual mamas, where are you????

  • Let's see......I studied business in NL (in English), did an internship in Spain, two semesters in Paris and a summer course in Italy. Then I joined a famous Swedish furniture retailer and they sent me to Sweden Why would you love to learn Dutch? Probably not the most famous language.... ?

  • I love Dutch! I think it's the most adorable language I've ever heard. I do speak a few sentences (I basically can explain all the games we had to do as entertainers and I can invite kids to the mini disco- that's about it...). :)
    Where in Spain did you do your internship?
    I studied in Wales for one year, then worked as entertainer in lanzarote and studied one semester in Madrid.

  • I have never made it to Lanzarote nor Wales but sounds great! I was in Barcelona and only visited Madrid twice for business. I lived in NL for about 3 years in total in a shared house with 4 Dutch students and that's where I learned it...and I worked there during my midterm breaks as well.My brother and his family live in France, so I get some French practise every once in a while. My favorites are actually Italian and Spanish.....